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General LVT/SPC can be offered by most of factories, but we supply more than general ones!

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Based in  China, we are producing and supplying General & Special vinyl floorings to the world.

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If you aren’t willing to be the followers of the market, cooperating with us will help you to be the leading.


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Executing most strict production control and quality standard ensures our clients worry-free.


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800 Containers/M capacity makes us being  a reliable supplier with fast response and delivery for our clients.

Innovations We Offer

Luxury vinyl tile is a perfect choice for high traffic areas due to its incredible durability and resilience but it also has an impressive realistic appearance. Now it has 3 types of format, these are Dry Back.

SPC is considered to be an upgraded version of LVT Click. SPC flooring is set apart from other types of vinyl flooring by its unique rigid core layer with super durable and dimensional stability performance. 

UC SPC is not general Spc! Superior on Micro-scratch resistance, UC SPC is more suitable for high-traffic area. 

ABA structure (LVT layer+SPC+LVT layer) combines the benefits of both resilient LVT and Rigid SPC

Latest Innovation

PP Tile

PP Tile (Polypropylene Tile) is innovational eco-friendly non-PVC flooring. Polypropylene is food grade plastic material. It features high wear and scratch resistant, and perfect abrasion resistant performance. 

Latest Innovation


Herringbone is a special kind of flooring with high technical and quality requirement, which just a few suppliers can do well.

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